These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Do you love art supplies as much as I do? Here’s a list of my favorites.

Also the Art Department is having a STOREWIDE ONE DAY SALE May First Wednesday. Save an extra 10% on your total sale all day. The Art Department will also give away some of my favorite supplies for FREE each half hour beginning at 5:30. So come see my show and enter to win! Many thanks to the Art Department Inc for their support of local artists.

M. Graham Artists' Oil Colors, Art Department, Salem

Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #1 | M. Graham Artists’ Oil Colors
What I love about it: It’s silky smooth, provides great pigment for the money, and it’s made locally! 


Gamsol, Salem Art Department

Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #2 | Gamsol
I use these odorless mineral spirits to thin my paints and clean brushes. It’s less toxic than other brands so I feel better about painting around my family.

Blue Q Pencil Pouches, Salem Oregon

Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #3 | Blue Q Pencil Pouches
If you like quirky, fun organization you’ll love these pouches. I like to travel with these pouches and have a few in different sizes for different mediums.

Kum, Automatic Long Point Sharpener

Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #4 | Kum, Automatic Long Point
This is the only pencil sharpener that you’ll need. It first removes the wood and then sharpens the tip to be ultra sharp (murder sharp, so be careful!) . And it keeps the shavings tidy until you are ready to dispose of them.



Gamvar Gloss Picture Varnish

Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #5 | Gamvar Gloss Picture Varnish
I choose this odorless gloss varnish to make my dark paintings even darker.


Yes Paste, Jessica Ramey

Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #6 | Yes Paste
I love this stuff. It’s Non-toxic, Organic, with a Neutral pH, and Acid-free. One jar lasts for a long time and you can always thin it down with water depending on your project.



Kuretake Water Brush, medium
Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #7 | Kuretake Water Brush, medium
This is my go to water brush for sketching on the go (and in bed). It doesn’t leak and the size is great for small and large pieces.


Faber-Castell Color Pencils, Art Department
Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #8 | Faber-Castell Color Pencils
These pencils are rich in color and blend well. My only problem is keeping them away from my kids and in their proper place.



Nature Sketch Sketchbook
Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #9 | Nature Sketch Sketchbook
This sketchbook has a great weight for sketching, mixed media, or watercolor, and the unique size makes capturing tall or really wide views easy. 

Copic Multiliner, Jessica Ramey
Jessica’s Favorite Art Supplies  #10 | Copic Multiliner
I have a set of these that I love. I can erase my work and it never smudges. I can also refill them and replace the tips after overuse.



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