Booyah! Prints Now Available

la-masion-rose_print by jessica ramey
Lots of you have been asking, “Can I buy that?” Those questions always make me feel uneasy, until now.

First off, thank you for your support!

When I quit my full time job I dreamed of painting not selling. I really hate selling my own work. Trying to balance the time it takes to paint verses the amount of money to charge is super hard. I want everyone to afford my art but I also want my time to be valued. And then there is the shipping, the processing of orders, the packaging, and everything else that comes along with a transaction. I want you to feel valued and not just a number.

So I’ve researched, ordered, tested, and taken the plunge. I’ve teamed up with an print on demand company that has excellent customer service and produces top notch quality printing. This helps me not go bonkers keeping track of inventory or ordering, and keeps you informed with your order. And I’ve synced it all with my website so you should have a seamless experience. The shop is now open and ready for business! 

Right now the shop is stocked with my latest oil paintings. Soon I’ll add watercolors and sketches and other goodies.

Happy shopping and thanks for keeping me motivated and working!


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