The Studio a Community Built

Oh darn those Thursdays. I missed my deadline for my newsletter submission. But as I sit down to write and reflect on the accomplishments of the past few weeks, I’m amazed.

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”- Fredrick Koeing

The above quote rings true. We’ve come far as an organization facilitated and functioning with 100% volunteer energy. Sure we’ve build, cleaned, hauled and started a new endeavor, but more importantly, we are appreciative of all the hard work and generous donations from friends, family, and supporters. Old friends as well as new friends have connected around this project. Some have learned and have grown along the way. I’ve certainly learned a lot from my very mechanical friend Wendy, and have gained some valuable building skills from Darrell. People have reached out from the community who we’ve never met before and some old friends have offered their help. And how very thankful we are for their support!

Even more symbolic is that fact we are reusing materials that are tossed aside and giving them a new home. Never before have I appreciated the structure of a bucket or analyzed a pallet so carefully. These donated supplies are now the fixtures of our studio and we are so very thankful for every step, tug, nail and haul that got it to its resting place in our studio. This studio was built by a community of good-dooers some who are visible and others who work behind the scenes. And we thank you all from the bottom of our heart!


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  • Wow! It looks fantastic!! We were already planning on coming Saturday before I received the pre-party invite, so we’ll probably skip that and just see you Saturday! But I can’t wait to see the place, really!!! 😀

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