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Dining Table Redue

 Check out my old table. It’s seen a lot of craft projects, paint, glue and crumbs. And the worst part about this table were the recessed areas where all the glitter and food crumbs would like to hide out. The design was supposed to look 

Doilies My Dears

      I love doilies, so sweet, so feminine, so nostalgic. I just added some doilies and lace trim to sell on my etsy shop so stop by and see what’s new in the store. And here’s a tip. I should be adding more 

Peas if you Please, a Simple Veggie Trellis

Ah, spring is here! Can you see it past all of this rain? Time to start getting the garden ready. I’ve been a busy gal pulling mint, crab grass, and crazy strawberries that have run amok. Never again will I plant mint unless in containers. 

Patio Table Makeover

Patio Table Makeover

One of the projects I’ve been working on is this small patio table. Before it had a plain glass top and the umbrella was a beige color. I’ve always wanted to paint on glass and thought this would be a good time to do so