Patio Table Makeover

hand painted patio tableOne of the projects I’ve been working on is this small patio table. Before it had a plain glass top and the umbrella was a beige color. I’ve always wanted to paint on glass and thought this would be a good time to do so since the in-laws gave us a bigger table for our backyard. This way I could sell the smaller upcycled table at the Honeybee Boutique Fall Sale Event. So if you want it, it will be available for sale there! (Notice the very subtle shameless plug?).

Anyway since I’ve been such a looser lately since haven’t’ posted much,  I’ll share with you how I painted this sweet little table. The biggest tip I have to share with you is a product called “adhesion promoter”. Now class, say it again… adhesion promoter. Got that? This product is new to me and I found it only after doing a google search about painting on glass. The stuff is amazing and really helps the paint stick to problematic surfaces like glass, metal and plastic. It’s used in the automotive world so it’s found at automotive supply stores (I first checked HomeDepot and couldn’t find it there).  I highly recommend to spray on a good coat of adhesion promoter only after a good cleaning of the surface. The umbrellanext step is rewiring your brain to think (and paint) backwards. Since I was painting on the backside of the glass, I needed to put the highlights and shadows on before actually painting the actual content. So in this project, I painted the shadows and highlights of the houses, then the houses, then the hill details, then the hills, then the stars and moon, then the sky highlights, and finally the sky. I sealed the whole backside of the table with a clear coat and then the underside painting was done!

Now, if you are just a bit shy of painting without some sort of sketching first,  you can still do this project. Simply paint a more simple design. Just think how cute this table would be with flowers or stripes or polka dots.

For the sides of the table I masked off with painters tape the checker pattern and simply sprayed white spray paint. Make sure you cover every inch of the table that you don’t want painted since spray paint loves to be go everywhere.

Anyway have fun with this project. You don’t have to settle for a boring ol’ patio set. Be creative and make it your own!