Superhero Prep

The countdown begins. Here’s some of the projects that I’ve gotten ready for Little Man’s Party.

Joker Pinata- check
Beanbag toss- check
Super hero capes- check
Hero boxes- check
Cupcake toppers- check
Superhero music-check

So that leaves me to make superhero training camp certificates (I’ll post them on here for ya), make the cupcakes (rainbow colors of course), munchies, and put together the decorations and obstacle course. It’s going to be fun!

nwnest 019

For the goodie boxes, I used some Chinese takeout boxes but cut off the top tabs. That way they work better for little thands to grab. Now they make perfect little baskets (note to self, this would be fun for easter too!). Then I cut up crete paper and glued it on for the fringe. I started gluing it all around the top but decided to only do one side to save time. Then I got some great comic book  imagery to add to the front. These little containers will be perfect for collecting the pinata loot.

nwnest 024

And here’s a picture of the fondant cut outs I made for the top of the cupcakes. It was so easy…the only messy part was kneeding the food coloring into the fondant. I also used ediable markers for the first time. It was so easy to use, I would definatly use the markers again…especially on sugar cookies…yummy!