Superhero Birthday Party


This weekend our son will celebrate his fourth birthday with a Superhero Training Camp Party. Since he adores superheroes and I despise all that marketing and commercial garbage associated with superheros we came to a agreement. We’ll still have the superhero theme but without the mass marketing hype. Instead we’ll have each child create their own superhero persona by brainstorming superhero special abilities and superhero names. Each will be a special original creation.  The kids will then make masks, decorate their own cape, and make power bracelets. Then we’ll train them with an obstacle course, they’ll get web slinging training with silly string, and throwing training with a bean bag toss. There’s a lot to prep for but I think the kids will have a blast.


So I’ve made the bean bag toss. It was super easy since I used thin fiberboard and cut out the holes with a jigsaw. I then painted on the fun sound effect words. It is actually rather fun to play since each time a kiddo gets a bean bag through the hole they shout out the sound effect.



I also created a pinata for the party. They sold some at our local grocery store but it was batman. I got to thinking…why would a kid want to tear apart their favorite superhero. Wouldn’t smashing up a super villain be better? So I created my own joker pinata. I actually used part of the horse’s head from last year and ripped off the neck and nose. I reconstructed a chin in the place of the nose, added a joker nose, and made indents where the eyes are as well as adding ears. Then I painted the whole thing white and then when to work decorating with paint. For the hair I added green crepe paper. It’s a bit scary but I thought the kids could boo at him. For some reason booing doesn’t make villains so darn scary.

I’ll make some fun little goodie boxes from take out Chinese boxes. Hopefully I’ll get those done tomorrow and show you.

I think I may have more fun at the party than my son! Go superheros!