Happy Birthday Little Man!

Little Man turned 4 today! He’s gotten so big and we are so darn proud of him! We started his day off crepe papering his door so he could “break through” which he really enjoyed. For breakfast we served green oatmeal (we combined his favorite food with his favorite color) and added sprinkles for some added flair. Needless to say the kids loved it and I found something else to eat for breakfast.


While eating Little Missy played her traditional birthday song. Thanks Little Missy!


At lunchtime Hubby came home so Little Man could open his presents from us. He adores his Batcave and has played hours with it this afternoon.


For lunch we headed off to our favorite pizza parlor for yummy pizza and a ride on the neighborhood pony.


And tonight we are headed out to see a local production (thanks Children’s Educational Theater) of “Ramona Quimby”. Happy Birthday Honey!