R&R at the Beach

Ah, the beach! There’s something about the Oregon Coast that just makes me relax and breathe easy. We just got back from a relaxing time camping at Beverly Beach Campground. It was lots of fun. We stayed in a group tent site one that was secluded and cozy. It was the first time camping with our kids that I didn’t see them eating dirt, which is really nice. Since we went with five other families, the kids had fun playing together and we were able to really enjoy sitting by the fire and chatting. I wish I had a group picture to share darn it…
Thanks Wendy for planning the event!

Megan also told us about a fun fossil spot really close to the campground. Moolack Beach is the perfect place to take the family to look for fossils (something that I’ve never done before). I was amazed at the sheer number of fossil embedded in the rocks. Both the kiddos and adults enjoyed looking for treasures. Apparently, some of the sandstone the fossils are found in on the beach are 20 million years old. That’s mindbogglingly! To check out fossil collecting rules visit Oregon’s fossil guru, Guy DiTorrice’s website.