Freshly Painted Bedroom

Freshly Painted Bedroom

When we bought our house this last December the only color on the walls was found in our bedroom. It was an icy blue which worked with our bedding but never felt like us. After tackling all of our first floor with gallons of paint, I headed upstairs and decided to create a more inviting bedroom. Our bedroom suite has a very odd shape and it takes up the whole second floor. It consists of our bedroom which is long and skinny and has many angled ceiling due to our two dormer windows. There is also a little annex room off of our bedroom that is a step up from the main bedroom which has a closet and access to the attic with a little gnome door. We also have a bathroom up there but I won’t go into details since I have another project I’ll share with you regarding that. Anyway, since our bedroom is a retreat from everything kid related (it seems like our kids have claimed every other room in our home) I wanted to make it feel more adult and relaxing.

Before & After





Before our bedroom looked cut off. With light blue paint used only up to the angled ceilings, the odd angles drew your attention. The room also felt icy and cool. I knew I wanted to warm up the space but I didn’t want it to feel closed in.

My solution? I used a warm cream color for both the walls and ceiling. The color acts as a neutral and blends the awkward angles into the walls, making them much less noticeable. My bedroom now feels warm and inviting. Plus the nice thing is that I can change the bedding colors anytime I want to get a new feel without being tied to any one color.


The paint I used was Kilz, a brand that I’ve trusted for my entire house. I love the coverage of this paint and in the bedroom I only needed to paint one coat–even over the blue. It is a bit more pricey than the generic paint out there, however I know it holds up to kid messes and I like the fact I don’t have to spend time painting a series of coats on the wall.