She’s Getting Older

I can’t believe how time flies. My daughter will be entering Kindergarten this fall and my hubby and I thought now would be the perfect time for her to get her very own library card. Doesn’t she look proud? And we are so thankful to have a wonderful local library, Salem Public Library. My husband, who is a total book junkie, a man who has a “books to read before I die” list of 300 plus books, enjoys his two book clubs through the library. He’s part of both the Books for Lunch and Books for Dessert book clubs. We also enjoy Tuesday Night Storytime as a family as well as the discovery room that has rotating hands-on activities for kids. They also have wonderful performances from actors, animal lovers, authors, and musicians in their auditorium. Most performances are free to everyone which is awesome. How lucky we are to have such resource in our community!