My Favorite Holiday

pianotopI really LOVE Halloween.¬† So little effort goes into it, we never have to argue with relatives about who¬†travels where, and you get to dress up and assume a new personality. It’s really a magical time.

So this year we’re throwing a Halloween party and having¬†the Dead Stick Figures play. Band members include : my¬†rockin’ hubby on bass, the amazingly talented¬†Jeremy Wright on drums, musical genius Eric Banks playing lead guitar and providing vocals, and Adam Schmidt, Mr. Funny Man, also playing guitar and singing. I’m lucky enough to hear them practice and I’m so excited to see them play at the party. They have so much energy and are really fun to listen to.

porch copy

I’ve started decorating the house with some Halloween items and closer to the party I’ll go all out with more decorating. But for now, I’m keeping it tastefully decorated. My¬†house does look as if it is owned by beatlejuice with my whimsical black and white fabric I draped over hooks. I wanted to add some whimsy so I painted pumpkins with black dots and stripes. Then later when Halloween is over I’ll wash the black paint off and keep them outside for Thanksgiving. I also grew corn, nope not to eat silly, but to add to my planters for the fall. I can’t grow good corn but I can grow cornstalks okay. I also added some metal¬†art from JMack along with some potted mums.


The other thing I made was this penant banner. It was easy to do and since it’s made of fabric, I can¬†use it for a long time.



My in-laws came over last week and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The flowers have latest so long and I was able to make two arrangements. One for the faux fireplace in our living room and one for the guest bathroom.