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The studio has been put on pause because drywall needs to go up, and I’ve been holed up battling the icky cold that’s making the rounds. So I took my favorite girl and we headed to the hills for some fresh air and perspective.

We entered Minto Brown Island Park when it was still blanketed with fog and enjoyed the morning peeps and calls from critters who had been awake much longer than we had. The air was thick and damp and the leaves danced from the trees. It was a fine autumn’s morning.

and later when we got home, we got to work. This was the first time I’ve used FW. Acrylic Artists Ink and I’ve been coming up with more and more uses for it. Pretty much, any solid surface in my home is liable to get a little decorative adornment. I picked up a few bottles of this ink from the fine folks at the Art Department (Salem’s best art supply store) and was really happy with the quality. It has a lot of pigment in it, yet it is thin so it doesn’t go on goopy like normal acrylic paint. Using a 0/3 paintbrush I decorated rocks, leaves, and even finger nails.

Art Department
Art Department, Salem Oregon


I also created some watercolor illustrations in my blank journal so we could remember our walk together.

DIY Studio, artists, Salem Oregon
I loved this exercise so much, I think we’ll have to make this a regular thing.

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