Matisse in the Garden

We had a lovely time at Gaiety Hollow last Saturday, painting and cutting out Matisse-inspired collages.

I have been planning this class since March with the fabulous members of the Lord and Schryver Conservancy and it was such a wonderful experience. There is certainly something very magical about Lord and Schryver’s work and their home and garden (Gaiety Hollow) is no exception. We explored the garden and the vibrant color throughout the landscape. And I taught simple tips about mixing colors to make our own color palette to reflect the petals and¬†foliage found in the garden. Then once the color palettes were dry, we set to work clipping and snipping simple organic shapes in the same style as Matisse.

For more classes and tours of the garden visit the Lord and Schryver Conservancy.

Matisse in the Garden, Gaiety Hollow

Matisse in the Garden, Gaiety Hollow



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