Bucket List

I’d like the be the kind of person who uses every page of a notebook, dates the entry and bundles notebooks in chronological order. I am not that person.

I am the kind of person who haphazardly looks for any sort of old envelope or scratch pad laying around. So when I came across an old notebook and found a bucket list from 2007, I was curious about what was inside. I forgot I had even made such a list. While I love getting things done and feeling accomplished, I’m more a what am I going to accomplish this next week or month kind of person. I don’t think of things in terms of decades or a lifespan.

So I slowed down a bit to read what was so darn important to my past self. One of the goals was to get my quiet, shy toddler to talk more. Other goals were visiting places (Paris, New York). Some goals were oddly specific, buy a house near Bush Park…..have an art show at the Salem Art Association.

So I am thrilled to announce my upcoming exhibition at the Bush Barn! How did you get to have a show there you wonder? I simply asked! That’s something I never would have done in 2007. Thankfully, a decade later I have learned to carve my path by asking others for help. I’m so thankful for the support of my family, friends, co-workers, and art community that has helped get me here and helped advocate for me when I didn’t feel accomplished enough. Mark your calendars because you are part of that community and I would be honored to celebrate with you at my side!

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