Love is in the Air

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day of romance, sugary sweet cards, chocolate and flowers. I like the idea of Valentine’s Day, really I do. I’m the type of girl who watches sappy Jane Austin films (actually anything that has period costumes coupled with English accents). However Valentine’s Day always falls short of its promise. Mr. Wonderful and I share our day with our very chatty children, making a special dinner and then getting cozy in our queen size bed (making room for our family of four) to watch a family movie. The romance of the day is left to those who don’t wipe noses, wash dishes or have work in the morning. But sometimes I dream of a world where Mr. Wonderful is allowed to be more like Mr. Darcy and less like Mr. Mom. A world where I don’t give him the death glare when he gives me a compliment because “I know what he wants”. And I wish for myself a time when I don’t have to be so darn practical or responsible or motherly cuz that is the biggest buzz kill. Am I the only one that feels this? Are you like me or do you have incredibly romantic holiday planned? Do share!

Since Valentine’s Day is be just around the corner I thought I’d make a sweet dancing cupid necklace to celebrate. I really love making these interactive necklaces. One, because I’ve never seen any before and two because I like the playful nature of them. I don’t have a fancy iPhone or smart phone to play with, so instead I play with my jewelry and gosh, it sure is fun!

Here’s a video of this necklace in action:

May cupid be kind to you this Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Love is in the Air”

  • Ha! With what grace you describe the chaos that is family life.

    Romance in the movies rarely shows folks: rolling over in bed, only to be poked with Legos; a man breaking from a passionate embrace, to mention that lunches still need to be made for the next day; or the sheer relief parents feel(which far proceeds the twinkle in their eye)when Grandma offers to keep the kids overnight.

    Family life decreases romance, but increases love. 🙂

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