DIY Simple Felt Banner II


I’ve shared this with readers of Lexoxo but realized I never shared it with you! Shame on me! So here you go friends….

Feel free to download the free pattern and instructions (PDF) here.


1. Print out the pattern and put over double folded felt of your choice.


2. Cut the triangle pattern out.


3. Continue with as many colors of felt as you’d like in your banner.


4. Organize your felt, making piles of the felt in order that you’ll sew them.


5. Using your sewing machine, start stitching and make sure you leave room for hanging. After leaving ample room, start stitching your first felt piece.


6. Leave a bit of room in between your felt pieces (the more room you’ll leave the more tangled the banner may get in the future).


7. Continue stitching until your banner is the length you’d like it and leave room with thread to hang.

Couldn’t be simpler! I made this banner for a little girl’s birthday and used it for lots of parties; however you can really get creative with your color choices. Make a few in your favorite team colors, for holidays or to dress up any window. It’s up to you. Just remember to keep it simple and keep it creative the DIY way!

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