Collar Me Happy

dress original

It all started with this dress. Adorable don’t you think? I ordered it online and when it arrived I was giddy to try it on. I saved it from its plastic packaging. Arms up in the air, the dress fell down around me. I zipped it up and liked the fit. Phew! I knew it was a gamble to order online, hopping that the measurements were true to size.

And then I looked in the mirror.

The dress fit great but the collar! The collar looked like it could take flight. One strong gust could cover my face, and that ridiculous pollyanna bow in the front had to go. I was disappointed, mostly with myself for not studying the photo online better before purchasing it. So I left the tag on and into the closet it went. That was Nov. 2014.

When doing a huge clothing purge this holiday weekend, I rediscovered the dress. And my husband questioned me before we bagged everything for donation. “This dress still has tags”. I quickly did the try on again and he agreed that the collar was horrible. He asked if I could do anything to fix it? Ahem, is that a challenge?

So I reconstructed the collar cutting off a good two inches around the edges and then folded ironed the seams back together. I cut little “v” shapes in the fabric to smooth the edges. And then quickly got to sewing.
dress in progress dressneedles

And I think it turned out super cute! The only thing to fix now are pockets which I think all dresses should have. Stay tuned.

Until then I’m off to my favorite local, independent theater to see¬†Jane Austen’s Love and Friendship¬†in my lovely frock.

dress final

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  • I love the cute dress and good for you on making it yours. Well done Jessica. Now I want to see it in person sometime soon. Love you!


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