Bunny Bait

I love inspiration. While looking through my inbox I saw this cute Easter project and thought I would share it with you and give you this free download  PDF label I made. Bake at 350 is simply amazing and so is this bunny bait! Here is my version:

easy easter projectIt’s so simple to make:

1. Pop some popcorn in the microwave. Add a few popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag and cook in the microwave. You’ll have no additives and it turns out great!

easy easter project, recipe2. Add pretzels, M&Ms, and sprinkles.

melt3. Melt white chocolate or melt-a-ways in the microwave for one minute at a time.

4. Pour the chocolate over the mixture.

5. Mix

6. Spread on a cookie sheet and allow to cool.

easter labels7. While your bunny bait is cooling, download the free PDF label I made. After your bunny bait is cooled, add to a bag, tie with a pretty ribbon and add the tag.

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1 thought on “Bunny Bait”

  • My two bunnies gobbled up the bait!!!
    “It has sprinkles!” yelled the youngest.

    Thank you – thank you.
    It was a delicious treat!

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