Wrapping it Up for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here. Today we wrapped up the  last few things. The kids and I decided to get creative with our wrapping. All of these supplies we got from SCRAP. If you haven’t been there yet and live in the Portland area, make sure you stop in for a visit. Your mind will be dazzled with so many cheap, recycled  materials at your fingertips. What started from teachers who wanted to share leftover classroom materials, this non-profit has grown to be a creative hub of all that is artsy. You can take classes there, peruse the gallery, buy items to add to your collection, or donate items you are no longer using.

My dream is to open something similar here in Salem, but until then I’m happy stopping by the store whenever I’m in Portland.

The day we stopped by we found some awesome maps, rub on letters, and these rubber stamps that I call kurchunkers. I love these kurchunkers. They remind me of being a little girl going to the library where the librarian would happily check in and out my books, marking each one with a niffty little kurchunk stamp.

The kids and I simply cut up the maps, stamped away and then rubbed on some letters. It was a simple project and I think Dad is gonna love it.

Do you have any fun father’s day wrapping ideas? Share them with me! I’d love to hear your ideas!