Where Should DIY Studio Be Located?

Sometimes I feel like Johnny Number Five. Struggling to find the right answers, I’m seeking more input and I think you are the perfect person to help me out!

These are the places we are focusing on right now:

1 2 3








They each have very different locations, price tags, and sized floor plans, however they are all within our budget.

So I’d love to have you weigh in. Will it be option one the large, industrial sized location with lots of room to grow, option 2 the smaller location that is close to bush park, or option 3 the affordable space in an industrial park? Your opinion will help us make the right choice to best serve our community!

Here’s the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MNWBSCC

It will only take a few minutes and we appreciate all the input we get!

Also, if you know of a space that would be the perfect fit for DIY Studio, contact us! We are looking for something roughly 1,000 to 2,000 square feet that is affordable and not too fancy. If you have ideas, we are all ears!

And thanks again for your continued support!

11 thoughts on “Where Should DIY Studio Be Located?”

  • Depends on who you think will be using it most. If it’s for the people by the people, Bush Park or near downtown makes sense. If you want it to be very hospitable to business dropping off materials, an industrial location might make more sense.

    • Absolutely Emily! You are spot on. This survey also doesn’t show the square footage or price, but should give us specifics of what our customers want. Thanks for your feedback and we’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  • Option one looks like its close to downtown, and bigger is always better right that way there is room to expand or store excess materials for future use.

  • To expand, also, on Emily’s point, who are the people you seek to serve? Can you assume that most users will have a car? Or is part of your mission to serve those who cannot be assumed to have a car? The McGilchist site, for example, has the same problems with access that the new Social Security Office has. If reuse, thrift, and sustainability are part of your mission, make sure non-auto access is at least part of your site analysis!

    • Public transportation as well as bike accessibility is a major focus on choosing our location. And it’s reflected in our questions in our survey. Our prime location would be downtown and that’s been our goal from the beginning, however finding a location downtown within our budget is not an easy task. 🙂

  • As much as I understand the nostalgia of being in or near downtown, I personally prefer to go places where it’s easy to park, so I like that it looks like all 3 options provide parking… from a donation point of view, it will be nice to be able to park and unload with easy access.

    Also I think from a business point of view, curb appeal is important because you want people to notice you and also feel welcome to come in. I like the looks of 2 and 3 because they have big windows and would provide lots of natural light… but the location of #1 is very centrally located.

    I would think this could be like buying a house… location and size are important, but price is a big deal too. Don’t pick the most expensive one unless it has the most perks and is honestly affordable – and you can see yourself staying there long term. You don’t want the added stress of high rent (at least not right at first)… the beauty is that you can always move into a better space as you grow, but you have to start somewhere. ♥

    Hope this was of some help and definitely contact me if you need help with anything, I am ready to Volunteer! 😀 (sorry this message was so long too, oy!) 😀

  • p.s. I pick #2 (price aside) because the location is still more or less in a central part of town, and it looks like an inviting space. ♥

    Maybe I could have JUST said that. LOL…

  • Most people use front street as a commuter route to avoid traffic lights driving to Keizer. I hadn’t paid much attention to the business there. However Grocercy Outlet and UGM Store are located in that area and like minded people shop those businesses. The McGilichrist area seems to be an area where people go to a specific employer and then retreat to home, and is used mainly for commute as well. Option 2 appears to offer a location near other frequented businesses and Create a Memory got its start there. Based on Market research for a similar (well kinda) business idea, South Salem seemed to be the best location for a green business. Of course as loyal followers, we’ll visit whichever location you choose. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!

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