Water Bottle Bag


Plenty of people and places have banned the bottle….bottled water that is. There is even a website addressing the issue, Ban the Bottle dot Net. I’ve used my Klean Kanteen for years now to help cut down on waste as well as keep hydrated. But often times my bottle doesn’t fit into my purse, or the kids ask me to hold theirs at the park so I juggle the clanking cans while watching them play. With our upcoming vacation planned, I hope to keep my hands free so I can play too. Enter the water bottle bag!

I created this simple water bottle bag using leftover sheets. It was a simple project and only took 20 minutes to create.

First I cut a long strip of fabric to be the strap (making sure it was wide enough to double up and sew). I then cut a 9×27 inch strip for the bag.

diy water bottle bag


I started sewing the bag straps so I wouldn’t be running back and forth to the iron so much. I simply folded the strap in half (good sided facing eachother) and sewed a long, long, long seam up the sides.


Then I cut the excess fabric and turned the fabric right side out (feeding itself through the tube).



Then I head upstairs to iron. First I fold over the top of the bag and iron it.


Then I fold over the seam again so all the frayed edges will be encases and hidden. Iron again.


Then I fold the wrong sides together and iron the bottom of the bag.

Then I iron the bag strap so the strap is nice and flat.


Next I sew up the bag strap so the tube will lay flat forever.


Then I sew up the sides of the bag with wrong sides facing in to start making french seams. Don’t know what french seams are? Well no worries. They are lovely seams that create a little pocket for the frayed edges to hang out in. It makes a piece feel more finished.


Once the sides are sewed, I cut really close to the seam I just sewed,  turn the bag wrong side out, run back upstairs,and iron it flat. Phew!



Then I sew up the seam again, encasing all those raw edges in a clever little tube.


You can see the finished french seam here at the top of the bag. The raw seam is below. 


Then I fold in the raw edge of the straps and sew shut. Then I sewed the straps to the bag with a little pleat to make a ruffle.



It really is so easy! So easy in fact, I’m making one for each of my family members! What a fun way to be plastic bottle free!

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