Trashion at the Mid-Valley Green Awards

DIY Studio was excited to be a part of the Mid-Valley Green Awards an event put on in partnership with Straub Environmental Center and Marion County Environmental Services. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

The designers did an amazing job creating innovative dresses made from trash. They spent over 120 hours working on their dresses.  The participants included high school students aged 16 and up as well as adults and teams of women. Their execution of trashion brought a fun feel to the Green Award ceremony.

DIY Studio hosted 2 skill workshops, an informative session and labs to provide learning opportunities. We created a pinterest board, guidelines, judging rubric, marketing and registration info as well as reached out to schools to participate.

We also hosted a People’s Choice Award on Facebook where 1,700 votes were cast with the award going to¬†Marina Belloc with over 600 votes for her stunning dress with blue butterflies cut from aluminum Pepsi cans.




The first place winner was Maria Isabel Saldana who created a metal armature out of 30 wire hangers. She actually learned to weld for the first time to create her design. Wallpaper was sewn onto the structure and she was literally sewn into her dress each time she worn it. Climbing stairs did seem to prove difficult (note, next time put the info into the guidelines) however there were some strong guys that were able to place her onto the stage on cue.


Here’s another dress by¬†¬†Marina Belloc. She is unstoppable!

Other dresses were amazing too. It certainly was hard to choose a winner. Lisa and Sara Miller’s Gatsby inspired dress was made from glossy photos that were used like sequins along with film negatives, and VCR tape.


Jocelyn Keene & Reena Keene focused on waste from McDonald’s to create their swinging skirted dress along with art deco themed headdress.


PCL had two entries:

Designers: Sophia Gutierrez, Debra Gutierrez and Jennifer Thomas
Created with plastic bags, reuse fabric strips, newspapers and magazine pages, pop can tabs, toilet paper rolls, cardboard from boxes, and upcycled shoes


And another with designers Cameron Campbell, Anji Davis, Anna Cotton and model: Sarah Hilary. Sarah did a fantastic job and the dress was fun with globes!
Created with white grocery bags, a lamp shade, cds/dvds. paint brushes. vhs tape, bungee cords and upcycled globe.



Kylie Davis created her genius “Wake Up Call” ¬†dress from disposable coffee cups.



Tazesha Wilson was another strong competitor. She created her design out of book pages, a balloon, collage pages and reuse top.


Lauren Hemmert is a pro at Trashion. She participated in the 2012 Trashion show at Clockworks Cafe with Studio Sub Dio. This time around she showed off her expertise with an exquisite gown made from VHS tapes. When her model Lindsey walked down the runway, everyone ohhed and awwed because of the fabulous movement and light capturing quality of the design.  The dress also made it into the Statesman Journal!


Nichole Rose made a trashion dress that utilized a dress that suffered from a large wax stain. She upcycled the dress and used ribbons and lace to create her trashion creation.


We couldn’t let everyone else have all the fun so¬†Carlee and I also got dolled up. Carlee’s dress consisted of:¬†newspaper, plastic bags , old curtains and Crown Royal bags. My “Pacific Gyre”¬†was made from chicken feed bags, a vortex skirt with a crinoline made from plastic bags, plastic netting and a paper mache head dress made from an old catalog with beer cap tentacles. I’ll show you have to make a head dress like this one sometime this week!

Please be sure to share this with friends. We’ll put on another Trashion show in the fall of 2014. It will be bigger and just in time for Halloween!


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