They Say

These few months have been a bit strange. I have discovered that someone has been spreading some really awful things about me that are untrue and completely not in my character. While the people who know me best dismiss (and even laugh) at such absurd accusations, I have been feeling vulnerable. I have also been feeling very grateful for the people I have entrusted with my feelings and whom I hold dear. I have so many supportive friends and family members that keep me grounded and have helped me not lose my mind.

Another thing that has helped with all of this mental sorting is ART. Working out mechanical concepts from brain to paper has been so therapeutic. The screeching of the saw cutting fragrant wood, sculpting the wet clay into something identifiable, and the painting and designing process helps me realize how important it is to push forward. All of these methods and motions not only test my ability as an artist, but help me communicate my emotions with others.

I feel for the people who navigate rumors without an ally, without an outlet, and who don’t have a firm grasp of who they are. This piece entitled “They Say” helped me discover the vice of gossip and how each of us plays a part. How we choose to push rumors forward or can silence it. How information, whether true or untrue, can manifest. And most of all, how it can adversely affect the subject. In these strange times of turmoil and uncertainty, we can offer support and love. We owe it to our fellow humans to love and be loved!¬†


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