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Salem Etsy Craft Fair, Craft Fair Set Up

Don’t ya just love the smell of a craft fair in the morning! DIY Studio showed up to accept donations toward opening the first ever Creative Reuse Center in Marion County. Not a lot of people know what a creative reuse center is, so it 

Made it in my First Magazine, Artisan Jewelry made in Salem

I get a call from Marion Barnes, the editor for Willamette Woman. After seeing the fabulous article by Cindy Ulshafer, South Salem Today–Statesman Journal, she asks if I’d like to be featured in Willamette Woman. Oh no, my stomach fills with butterflies and I feel 

The Talented Folks at Salem Etsy Team

Are your bulbs popping up yet? Mine are! Spring is coming soon my friend. Two of my most favorite spring colors are featured in this treasury put together with products and artwork from the talented folks at Salem Etsy Team. Inspired by fresh blades of