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Last night I had a nightmare that my teeth were falling out. Such dreams are never a good omen, and they typically stop for a visit when I feel overwhelmed. It’s been a few days since I found out that DIY Studio will no longer 

We are Open!

Come in and visit us! We are located in Salem Center Mall next to Made in Oregon on the second floor. Salem Center Mall 480 Center St NE, Ste 238 Salem, Oregon 97301 Phone: (971) 208-5869 Hours: Thursday – Saturday, noon to 6pm

Where Should DIY Studio Be Located?

Sometimes I feel like Johnny Number Five. Struggling to find the right answers, I’m seeking more input and I think you are the perfect person to help me out! These are the places we are focusing on right now:             

Goonies Never Say Die

 The statement is true..and Goonies don’t forget either. That’s why I set my kiddos down to watch the adventure unfold. They huddled together like little puppies, heads pressed together and blankets firmly grasped while the Goonies sought out the treasure of One-Eye Willie. They squealed when I