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Letterbox Planting and Badges

It’s a rare winter day in Oregon when it’s not raining. To take advantage of the rare opportunity we headed outside to plant our first Letterbox. The destination? South Salem High School home of the Saxons. We circled the campus looking for a perfect place 

History of Letterboxing

After learning of the history, the term Letterboxing makes a bit more sense. Picture yourself circa 1845 England. You are a dandy, Victorian chap named James Perrott and you place a bottle and your calling card in an obscure and difficult to find location at 

Letterboxing Workshop

Looking for something to do outdoors when the weather isn’t so nice? Want to explore new places and sites? Looking for an activity that is free? Well look no further friend, let me introduce you to the head honcho, the superstar of adventure–Letterboxing! Letterboxing is 

Pirate Booty

Pirate Booty

My family an’ I sailed’ letterboxin’ at Bella Beach. We found directions from Atlas Quest an’ after followin’ ever’ step we found th’ booty. What fun we had on our adventure! Argh!