Letterboxing Workshop

Looking for something to do outdoors when the weather isn’t so nice? Want to explore new places and sites? Looking for an activity that is free? Well look no further friend, let me introduce you to the head honcho, the superstar of adventure–Letterboxing!

Letterboxing is the activity of using clues to find planted letterboxes (ie-the treasures). Letterboxes contain a rubber stamp and a book where you log your team name and date to show that you found it. Then you simply stamp your booklet to record that you found the treasure. Very few supplies are needed to letterbox yet the adventure is as elaborate as the creator’s clues.

This activity is especially fun for families or teams of people who learn to work together to find the letterbox. You’ll learn a lot about the person you are letterboxing with. I’ve learned that my children are much more gutsy than I am, and are willing to stick their hand up tree trunk holes and dig in the dirt when I’m more cautious.

This weekend and next I’ll host a Letterboxing Workshop at DIY Studio. I’ll teach families and teams how to create their own team rubber stamp, log book and find where letterboxes are planted. We’ll also plant our very own team letterbox somewhere in Salem. It’s not too late to register so pop on over to the DIY Studio website to register now! Happy Letterboxing!

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