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Kid Art Umbrellas, Classroom Art for Auction

Let me tell you, making classroom art is not such an easy task. It’s not that the kids artwork isn’t amazing (it is!) it’s simply hard to get all the students to not only love the project but also create something that will last, that 

My Lovely Geek Children

Little Man got a laptop for Christmas since he LOVED his sisters so much. He just adores his new gift. So the other day I overheard Little Missy telling Little Man to bring his computer into her room, “So we can have a LAN party,” 

Zoo Trip

Zoo Trip

We took a trip to the zoo this week and it was so relaxing! We arrived at 9:30 and the guide who greeted us informed us that we were the ninth person in. Now how awesome is that?!? Sure it was a bit cold but 

Trick-or-treating Fun

Little Man was thoughtful enough to match his belt to Missy’s dress.