Kid Art Umbrellas, Classroom Art for Auction

Let me tell you, making classroom art is not such an easy task. It’s not that the kids artwork isn’t amazing (it is!) it’s simply hard to get all the students to not only love the project but also create something that will last, that is memorable, and appeals to all sorts of people. I think we found a winner with this project though. Come on, it’s springtime in Oregon. Who doesn’t need an umbrella?

So I started off really simply. I cut paper into fourths to give to the kids. I had them draw three different items using black pens: a monster (the boys sure loved this one), a self-portrait (the least popular of the three however the parents will love it!) and cats and dogs. The last one seems a bit odd I admit but I thought I’d make a raining cats and dogs themed umbrella. I think that’s pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I gave the paper to the teacher and she was able to fit the drawing time into a few weeks so there wasn’t a huge time commitment.

I purchased affordable umbrellas at the supermarket. And when I received the artwork I got straight to work. My third-grader helped me out as well.

First I laid out the images face up on the wrong side of the umbrella. I taped them down.

The umbrella fabric is shear enough to see through. Using Sharpie pens we simply transferred the images by tracing them onto the top of the umbrella.

School Auction Item

And here’s what the Monster Mashup Umbrella looks like.

Classroom Art for Auction

And here is the self portrait umbrella. I love those darling drawings and I know the parents will as well.

Do you have any good ideas for classroom art for auctions? I’d love to hear them! Until then, I’m off to finish up the last umbrella. Happy crafting friends!

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