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Reuse Challenge: Tuna Can

Reuse Challenge: Tuna Can

2/1 – 2/22, FREE! Each month DIY Studio hosts a Reuse Challenge to encourage creatives to rethink and reimagine. February’s challenge must include a tuna can. Post your photos of your recreation by midnight Feb, 22 on our timeline. The participant who earned the most 

Upcycled Holiday Ornaments

It was a fun night of familiar faces and reuse galore! We transformed corks, toilet paper tubes, and newspaper into tasteful ornaments. DIYstudio along with Culture Shock Community Project sponsored the event. If you missed us be sure to join us for the next reuse 

DIY Simple Felt Banner II

I’ve shared this with readers of Lexoxo but realized I never shared it with you! Shame on me! So here you go friends…. Feel free to download the free pattern and instructions (PDF) here. 1. Print out the pattern and put over double folded felt 

DIY Banner

Want to get your message out? You need a banner! Sure you can buy vinyl banners, but there is something very commercial and impersonal about them. Time for a little DIY! These are the things I used to make my banner: Freezer paper Felt Acrylic 

Bunny Bait

I love inspiration. While looking through my inbox I saw this cute Easter project and thought I would share it with you and give you this free download  PDF label I made. Bake at 350 is simply amazing and so is this bunny bait! Here 

Twelfth Day of Christmas, Freezer Paper Stencils (12 Days of Christmas Video Tutorial)

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, are instructions to make cool graphic t-shirts with freezer paper stencils.  This is a great alternative to screen printing and it’s super simple. Thanks for following these tutorials, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!  

Eleventh Day of Christmas, Hand painted Ceramics (12 Days of Christmas Video Tutorial)

My apologies about being late and LAME. Being sick has really taken me by surprise and I’m sorry that I didn’t get this out sooner. Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, are instructions to paint ceramics using Pebeo paints, paints that cure 

Upcycle a Sweater into a Hat and Mitten Set (DIY Studio’s 12 Days of Christmas)

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, is this simple sweater hat and mittens set. Many thanks to Little Missy who was not only my model but also my camera woman for this tutorial. You don’t need to go out and buy a 

Second Day of Christmas- Lightbulb Terrarium

Continuing the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, is this crafty fabulous Lightbulb Terrarium tutorial. Add living plants or fake greenery like I did in the tutorial. Or you can simply add water and a single flower to use the lightbulb as a vase. 

On the First Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to Me….

A Produce Bag Cute as Can Be! Kicking off the Twelve Days of Christmas, DIY holiday gifts, is this simple produce bag tutorial. If you already have scarves laying around your house, perfect! If not look for old curtain sheers, shirts, nightgowns, or other fabric 

12 Days of Christmas, DIY crafting for the holidays

It’s already the first of Christmas and you still have a few perfect gifts to find? Well, don’t you worry your pretty head! I’ve got just the thing for you. 12 days of Christmas DIY projects that are sure to please. Now’s the time for 

Office Drab to Office Fab!

Office Drab to Office Fab!

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you have to surround yourself with ugly utilitarian things. Think outside the box, think sparkly, think fabulous! These fun paper clip sets will keep your office tidy while also adding some pizazz to those blase memos. Jewelry is 

Easy Screen Printing Technique Revealed!

Okay I’m cheating a bit since I had this on my old website, so I’m recycling it. I loved this project so much I wanted to share it. Materials: pre washed t-shirt embroidery hoop sheer fabric material, nylons, or curtain material Non Water soluble Glue