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Last night I had a nightmare that my teeth were falling out. Such dreams are never a good omen, and they typically stop for a visit when I feel overwhelmed. It’s been a few days since I found out that DIY Studio will no longer 

A Creative Reuse Center 4 You

There are only few more days left of our online fundraising campaign. We have accomplished lots so far. We have raised enough to apply for our non-profit status and the rest is going into the kitty to be used for a space. Have no fear, 

Thank You Bloomingbulb.com! A company who GETS Social Networking!

This is so flipping cool. I received four lovely amaryllis bulbs in the mail as well as a thank you letter from BloomingBulb.com. Earlier I created a tutorial that featured their paperwhite bulbs and sent them a link through twitter. They thanked me on twitter