Super Blog Sunday, Contest for Salemites and a Free Craft Project

Have you been to yet? If you haven’t, you really should…visit now and come back to DIY Studio….waiting for you…I told you to click….

What did you think? Awesome right? Where else can you find RSS feeds to 120 Salem blogs? Thanks to the talented folks at you now have your finger on the pulse of the people of Salem.

To promote and the talented bloggers of Salem, make sure you visit on Super Blog Sunday, Feb. 6th. And when you stop by click on the RSS feeds to show your love and appreciation for Salem bloggers. Once you’re done, write the name of your favorite blog (a hem…DIY Studio, pretty please?) in the comment section of the blog. The winner will be crowned champion. I love to win so please show me and DIY Studio some love!

This is such a good idea (many thanks to Gino), I think I’ll also have a cross promotion on my site. I’ll be crafting up a storm while the game is playing (I have a hard time sitting still while watching a game, you too?) so I’ll give out instructions for the projects ahead of time in a pdf form. That way you can print up the instructions and craft away in front of the TV.  And if you like to plan ahead, stock up on some felt and embroidery floss now. You’ll need it for the project.

I’ll give away my finished products (up to three giveaways) to the people who post their favorite craft on DIY Studio blog AND post their favorite blog site on I can’t tell you how to vote but you’ll need to comment both places to qualify.  The contest will be for Feb. 6th only. I’ll give you a reminder the day of too!

So get ready to craft and participate in Super Blog Sunday. Let the games begin!

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