Soho Coho

sohocoho2When visiting Ketchikan, make sure you stop by Creek Street to pop into a hip little gallery called Soho Coho. Inside you will find a treasure trove of Ray Troll’s work and lots of funky gifts and gadgets. I told hubby if I would ever opened up a store it would look like this…a casual, fun space that almost has a coffee house/ McMenamins Pub feel. There’s a sign made from a chalkboard and bookshelves made from old wood and painted cinder-blocks. It has a authentic feel that really helps shows off Ray Troll’s work.  This gallery is a breath of fresh air compared to Ketchikan’s mass produced, souvenir shops that envelop the town.

If you have no plans of visiting Alaska anytime soon, no worries! You can visit the Ray Troll Web Store online to purchase Ray’s quirky art. I in fact just ordered a couple of gifts there today online. Happy shopping!sohocoho