Sign up for my OMG! (Oh My Gouache) class!

I’m super excited to teach a class entitled OMG! (Oh My Gouache) at the Art Department in Salem, Oregon. Some people know gouache as opaque watercolor, casein tempra, tempera, poster color, or poster paint. Whatever you call it, you too will fall in love with its versatility. During this class, you will learn what you need to get started as well as basic techniques to get familiar with gouache. We’ll go over mixing, wet-in-wet, wet on dry, dark on light and light on dark. We’ll also cover gouache’s limitations and some of the benefits of this medium. You will apply these techniques to get a feel of gouache’s unique characteristics and leave with a finished piece that will have others exclaiming, “oh my gouache”! This is a fun, beginners class open to all ages. Supply list.

June 11th, 2017, Sunday, 1-4pm

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