Shop Small, Shop Local


BlueMicrobusinesses represent 92 percent of all U.S. businesses. Shocking isn’t it? It’s not just the fortune 500 creating jobs and adding to the nation’s economy. Instead it’s the little guy, the locally owned stores that really need your green.¬†In 2011, microbusinesses directly accounted for approximately 26 million jobs in the¬†economy. That‚Äôs more than the total number of individuals employed in the government¬†sector at the local, state and federal levels, and more than twice as many who work in¬†Manufacturing . It is also more than total numbers in the Trade, Transportation¬†and Utilities sector. You might want to read up on this two-year study for the facts.¬†Shopping small businesses helps support our economy, our neighbors, and our community!

So join us Saturday, November 30 from noon to 6pm for Shop Small Saturday. DIY Studio will be open, filled to the brim with creative ideas, supplies, and gifts for the holidays. Thanks for supporting us, and thanks for shopping small!


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