Salem Arts Building, Our New Home Makes the News

DIY Studio, Salem Arts Building

Have you checked out the Salem Weekly for Oct 3- Oct 16th yet? There are several great articles (check out this one) and one that spotlights the Salem Arts Building and DIY Studio! We are so very lucky to be a part of their vision for the building, and are enthusiastic about creating an arts community in the historic space.

The building is mixed use and I have met a few tenants of the building who already have started to think of events that DIY Studio can host. It kind of takes me back to my University days of living in the residence halls. I was the resident assistant of lovely old Schafer Hall, the creative arts hall. There I met a range of diverse students who studied art, theater, music, and writing and we created fun activities like a haunted house in the lounge, and art gallery, and movie nights. I got to know each resident personally and enjoyed being a part of their first-year experience. I often times recall my college years as “the good ol’ days” instantly transforming into a fuddy duddy. But there I learned how much creativity could transform a community. How people who are engaged and inspired become leaders who continue the positive energy. This building can fill a void in Salem and provide artists, residents and visitors a place that nourishes the soul and the creative spirit and I’m privileged DIY Studio can be a part of it! 

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