Pretty Neat Stuff

It has been an insane week with getting my daughter off to kindergarten, my son off to preschool and the various other meetings and commitments thrown in. But I did get to relax today and view the new catalog for PaperSource.

As a little girl I adored visiting stationary stores. Some kids love toy stores but I would rather touch all the decorative cards, colorful papers, and creative supplies. When I moved across country when I was 12, I kept in touch with my friend Regan Sibley from Maine. I spent hours looking for fun papers and stickers that were as beautiful as the secrets I confided to her. And then in High School I worked at a stationary store. Opening the new boxes of merchandise was almost like Christmas. So fun! I think stationary is usable art. I love the fact that art can be beautiful but also functional.

PaperSource has an amazing collection of beautiful stationary and trinkets. Check out some of my favorites…Two things I love —Chartreuse Green and Paisley!

Lazer-Cut note card that is so pretty!

I’d love to tote around one of these.
This clever cup only looks like paper. It’s really porcelain with a silicone top. Cool!