Netflix Keeps us Entertained

My hubby is in charge of our Netflik’s Queue and I have to give him kudos for picking out an amazing selection of movies. He picked out Helvetica documentary by Gary Hustwit about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. Looks like it will be here on Saturday. 🙂

He also has picked out Fraggle Rock for the kiddos. Now I was a big Fraggle Rock junkie as a kid and I’m happy to announce my kids are now too. They love Fraggle Rock. They sing the songs and act out the dance moves. They have even labeled our small holes in the wall drilled for cable line, “Fraggle holes”.
Another series we’ve been watching is the Wire. Now this is NOT a family show. At first I wan’t very keen to the show. I typically didn’t watch it and got work done on the computer while my hubby was glued to the TV. The gritty nature of the show (i.e. prison, drug dealers, potty-mouthed cops) wasn’t really my style. But my hubby assured me I would like it. AND now I do. The drama that takes place in inner-city Baltimore and its storyline is complicated and keeps me watching. If you like police action and investigations, you’d really like this series.

Now what would really be cool if both Netflix and iTunes would come up with celebrity queues and playlists. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I think that celebrities, actors and artists are usually very up-to-date on the newest artists and entertainment. I would be really interested in what famous people found entertaining. I think it would be an awesome marketing tool for both companies.