Reuse Rumble


When recycling took a turn south, we were looking for ways to keep the message positive and remind people that reduction and reuse are always preferable to recycling. I had an idea to have industry experts answer questions from the audience while Salem’s Famous Creatives crafted upcycled items and battled it out to win a Waste Reduction Champion title. The events were a success. The program was entertaining, informative and provided many leads for the Master Recycler Program. We even gained a council member after they visited one of the events.

I created a logo, stickers, social media assets, posters, advertising, and coordinated and ran the events. I also created a handpainted backdrop and an upcycled trophy

Skills Event Planning, Design, Photography, Copywriting, Sculpture, Painting
 Lumix DMC-G6
Software Photoshop, Illustrator