Art Exhibit & Augmented Reality

Consumption 2019

Looking for new ways to spread the message of waste reduction, I applied to have a solo art show at the Salem Art Association. The theme was Consumption. I created zines (self published magazine) to guide the viewer through the exhibit. I also worked with a programmer to create an augmented reality (AR) experience. Viewers could experience the exhibit without using the AR, however after downloading an app that we created, viewers could hover over a painting or sculpture with their phones or tablets and it would come to life on their device to tell more about the consumption story. The exhibit combined mediums such as paint, sculpture, collage, video, digital and print to give the viewer an engaging multimedia experience.

While much of the show was a solo exhibit, I did work with high school students who created upcycled artwork that was displayed on a wall at the exhibit. I enjoyed working with the students to bring them behind the scenes to a materials recovery facility to gather previously used items and led them in an art workshop. 

Skills Upcycling, Painting, Design, Zine Making, Sculpture, Collage, Video, Marketing, Art Instruction
Software Photoshop, Premiere Pro

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