One Sick Bunch

We are all pathetic and sick in our house. Little Man lead the epidemic with a three night bought of croup, followed by pink eye and now just overall grumpiness and congestion. And the Mr. and I are feeling it as well. Soar muscles, fevers and plugged up heads leave us feeling agitated, annoyed and slow.

It’s hard being sick while also taking care of sick kiddos. Here are some things we’ve done that helped ease the burden:

  1. Real fruit popsicles not only taste amazing but also keep the kids happy while keeping temperatures down.
  2. Didn’t have a working thermometer so our digital cooking thermometer came to the rescue. If it’s good enough for a bird it’s good enough for my little turkeys.
  3. A kid tent and a humidifier make a perfect habitat for a croupy kiddo.
  4. Netflix instant play is a must when all you are capable of is drooling and sniffling.
  5. Bubble baths with lavender bath wash helps ease our soar muscles while also helping break up that nasty drainage.
  6. Sleep- we are still working on this. A five year old who isn’t feeling good can undermine all good intentions of sleeping through the night. The jury is still out whether or not letting sick kiddos sleep in our room is helpful or not.
  7. Hot tea. Mint for the kids and Orange pekoe for the adults.
  8. Voicing aches and pains with continuous moaning and whining seems to be the Ramey way of dealing with the drama.
  9. Armed with a paper bag by the side of my bed along with a roll of TP, I amaze my family with my free throwing skills.
  10. A big bedside table is a must so I can stack as many meds, books, and glasses so everything is at my fingertips. Warning this heap of stuff is precarious at best and often comes tumbling down like a house of cards when bumped by a pillow.

I’m now on day three of sickness and Little Man who has been sick since Friday is feeling better each day. Today he is now fighting with his sister. Irritating? Yes, but at least I know he is getting better.

Give me your sick tips! What helps you and your family out when you’re under the weather?