Christmas Sugar Cookies

I found a new blog. It’s amazing, inspiring and makes me want to get in the kitchen and bake. It’s called Bake at 350. What I like about Bridget’s blog is that she is an amazing cookie artist who is willing to share her recipes and journey along with her readers. Does Bridget worry that someone will steal her recipes or that someone will copy her techniques, not one bit. She instead, wants to share with you her ideas and tips. When I come across a blogger like this, I simply want to reach out and hug her! Her generosity of spirit and picture perfect edibles are too much to resist!

Yesterday I squeeeled with joy when I saw that she shared printables on her blog. She has three types: one recipe for making sugar cookies, one for royal icing, and one that is full of tips for decorating. So of course with Bridget’s guides by my side I jumped right into baking.

I made snowmen, birds, stars, hearts and Christmas trees. I even broke out my paint brush to add details to the little snowmen. I added sweet little blue birds to the Christmas trees and tried a new technique of adding dots when the icing glaze was still wet. I had a really fun time all thanks to Bridget’s inspiration and guidance.

Now that I’ve made my first batch, I’d like to make another batch, but this time I’d like to make little works of art by painting on icing onto a white glazed cookie. I’ll be sure to show you the outcome when I tackle that. Until then, I’ve got a messy kitchen to clean up! Happy baking!