National Lampoon’s Alaskan Vacation

We got back from vacation Saturday evening and were so happy to sleep on our own beds with our own pillows and spread out a bit. What I missed most while away was space. I’m not sure if fitting a family of four in a small stateroom is such a good idea. Little Man fought every time he went to bed so naptimes were a struggle. We’re happy to be back and on our schedule again.

The other thing I missed was our garden. The neighbor boy thankfully watered while we were away and everything looked great when we got back. The veggies really took off and our lawn (and weeds) grew inches as well. Many thanks to Andrew.

Here are a few pictures of our trip. Alaska and Canada had simply amazing scenery! It was so beautiful! And the weather was great…not a day of rain or fog. We were incredibly lucky!

We found ourselves very busy on the trip so I’m sorry I didn’t get any postcards out! We kept busy eating, and eating, oh yeah and more eating and sleeping too. We went to lots of shows on the ship and avoided their salesy tactics as best as possible. I did give into the $2.50 12 ounce ginger ale one day to control my sea sickness and also at another weak moment bought an herbal remedy for $17.50 which consisted of mint essential oils that you sniff to feel better. Well, that was a bit steep but the ship had no Dramamine on board (unless you wanted to see the dr. for $78 per visit, not counting the drug costs). So next time I’d definitely bring on some anti nausea drugs! Even now, I haven’t gotten my land legs back. I wonder if the swaying back and forth of my body is visible to anyone? Hmm….

Another tip…don’t let your children play with the car lights without checking them before you leave for vacation. We came back to the parking garage to a car with a dead battery! Gotta love AAA!

Anyway, back to the good memories. It was nice to spend time with my in-laws Debi and Jon. They even watched the kids one night while we snuck out for a very nice French dinner and later improv. comedy. They also hooked us up with a fantastic romance package of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, canapes, and dinner for two with wine. How spoiled we felt!

It was also wonderful to spend time with the kids. We saw seals foating on blue hued ice burgs, a brown bear and a back bear too. They were amazed at the size of the ship and were sorry to come home. They were however happy to see both Tom and Alley when we got back. Tom meowed his little furry face off while Alley snubbed me, showing her disdain for being left alone. She cozyed up late Saturday and forgave us while we petted her.

No matter how amazing a vacation is, it’s always nice to have everyone home under one roof. I think that’s what I’m most thankful for!