Make it Monday, Discover Simply Salem, A Zine of Salem Tidbits and Tales

I can’t be idle for too long. Ideas of zines have been playing out in my mind for awhile now. This is the first I’ll share with you though. Hot off the Press is Discover Simply Salem, a sweet little zine about Salem’s history and a few little tales of what makes Salem a great place to live. Some highlights of this zine include:

  • Salem settlement
  • Salem’s name changes
  • Fertile Willamette Valley
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Riverfront Park
  • Bush’s Pasture Park
  • Tree City USA

Want to read it for yourself? Download a free copy of Discover Simply Salem now (pdf)!

Zine. Zines (pronounced “zeens’) are self-published booklets that are non-commercial and typically published by one or a few individuals. These pamphlets come in a variety of formats. Some zines are computer generated, handwritten, printed on a press, or photocopied, however all zines are created outside of the mainstream.

I’m also putting together a zine workshop so you too can be part of a zine.  The Workshop is scheduled  July 7, to ask Art Walk participants why they call Salem home. Each participant will draw his/her self-portrait and share a unique perspective about our city. Submissions will be collected and transformed into a community zine about Salem. Residents can then pick up the Salem’s community zine at Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center during the Art Walk on August 4.

Topics of zines are vast, and Salem’s community zine will focus on what makes Salem special and why people enjoy living in Salem. I want to bring the community of Salem together. I first saw a community zine for Bend Oregon which sparked my interest. Check out Walker’s World’s awesome zines on Bend here. With a little determination, I hope to create a unique story of Salem through the voices of Salem residents. A community zine is not only reflective of its citizens, but it also helps other residents connect to similar stories and experiences in their community.

I was first introduced to zines while taking a journalism course in college. It was exciting to see so many stories being revealed through zines. Otherwise muted by mass media, zinesters are able to break through media gatekeepers to share their experiences.

Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center (C4 Academy) is the sponsor of the event. C4 Academy is a non-profit community education organization aimed at connecting educators and students in the Salem area. The academy looks to provide new opportunities and growth for individuals of all ages through engagement in multi-disciplinary experiences. During the months of June and July C4 Academy is providing free classes to the community. Classes of art, culture, language, photography, dance, and other interesting and useful community classes are available for free with no registration required.

Be sure to drop by the zine workshop, as well as attend other free classes offered at C4 Academy at Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center, 241 Commercial ST NE, Salem, OR. The event is open to all ages with no previous experience necessary.