Lego Reuse

Who knew? In Canby, a little town just south of the hustle and bustle of Portland, is a magical creative reuse space. Although in this creative reuse center you’ll find only one building material. Not wood, glass, or sheet rock, but tiny little bricks. The much coveted Lego brick!

Bricks & Minifigsā„¢ is the name of this exciting mecca of Lego and their headquartersĀ is in Canby, Oregon of all places. I was first taken back by the size of the building. It was huge. So big we weren’t sure where to enter. After we found the door and stepped inside, we were invited by picturesqueĀ displays (dare I say, oh yeah I’m going there) more enchanting than Currier and Ives. These sets were available for purchase, and best of all, they were getting a chance at a second life at a bargain price sans annoying packaging.

There were mini figures ready to be built in bulk bins and tons of lego bricks to be configured. The simple pleasure of running our fingers through the bulk brick table made us giddy. And best of all, the management allowed you to play and take your time. We discovered new kits on the walls, novelty Lego merch and the ever so awesome mini figure display case that contained over a thousand of different choices.

The kids played, I played, and we found two gifts, one for a birthday, one for a surprise. And we took some mini figures (including KITTENS!) home with us. Really, I’m still thrilled to have found kittens. I didn’t even know Lego made kittens! I digress.

VisitĀ Bricks & Minifigsā„¢Ā online and see if there is a store near you, and if not it’s worth the drive. Warning: side effects including squealing with excitement like a goofy 10 year-old.




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