Learn to Crochet Plastic Bags

Dana Canning3/19, 1pm, Free!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet? Or perhaps you already know but would love to use a sustainable resource like plastic bags? Enter Dana Canning. Part crafter, part superhero, Dana created the Salem Sleeping Bag Project, a grass roots operation that crochets mats and sews sleeping bags for the homeless Salemites.  Her passion for the community is addictive. So come hang out with Dana at DIY Studio. Discover how she creates the sleeping bags and mats and you too can participate in this amazing craft of kindness.

2 thoughts on “Learn to Crochet Plastic Bags”

  • I have crocheted using plarn for a while now. Recently, I have found some plastic bags are being made to absorb into the landfills quickly. The store I am specifically referring to is Walgreens (at least here in Oregon). As a result I have started using tee-shirts. I cut them at an angle in order to get as long a piece as possible. I am currently working on a purse using an old sheet made of knit fabric. I got the old sheet at a yard sale for $0.25 cents. I am really happy to have found your site. A blog called Salvage Sister and Mister posted the following.Here is the link (http://www.salvagesisterandmister.com/bike-tire-keychain-diy/).
    I have a Clothing Design Business but my passion is recycling fabrics and notions into functional items. I reuse yarn and I purchase waste yarn from garage sales, thrift stores and such. I have an entire room of discarded clothing that people have donated to me. I will refashion as possible and create “yarns” with the rest.

    • Cathy, We’d love to see some of your upcycled clothing sometime. You could post photos on our facebook page if you’d like to share them there. I’ve heard folks call plastic yarn “plarn” and t-shirt yarn “tarn”. Either way, it’s awesome stuff to rethink something out of discarded things. Sheets are one of my favorite things to create with and I especially love the vintage patterns. Thanks for commenting!

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