Jewelry Plant Picks

dress up your plants, giving plant, plant giftSometimes it’s hard to find a gift that is special enough for a good friend. I  scoured some shops looking for that perfect gift. I later went to the nursery and picked out a plant and handmade pot that I knew my friend would like. But the gift still seemed…well, boring. It was time to make something ordinary, extraordinary. It was time for a craft!

You are going to love the simplicity of this project. I pulled out my broken jewelry collection and found three clip on earrings that were missing its match. Using wire and simple bamboo skewers, I wired the jewelry onto the sticks and simply stuck them into the soil. The project took so little time, I was able to get it done while my kiddos ate breakfast.

give a plant as a gift

Voila, a little plant jewelry. The unexpected can be such a lovely surprise. The plant is now dressed and ready for the show.

easy gift giving

Do you like making gifts extraordinary? Feel free to leave a comment and fill me in on any handmade gifts that have been a huge success.

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