I’m in love…

No not with the girl silly! I just love this cute little ukulele! Isn’t it so clever? Celentanowoodworks makes this as well as a series of other charming little instruments. I would love to see how this cute apple sounds.

I’ve been playing the ukulele for a few months now and it has made me so darn happy. I can’t say I’m an amazing singer or player, but something about picking it up and strumming a few chords makes my day a bit brighter.  One of my most favorite people, my daughters preschool teacher, played the ukulele, and ever since then I’ve wanted to learn. Hubby encouraged me to play and I gotta say, it’s really fun! My fingers don’t hurt like when I’ve tried playing the guitar, and chords are super easy to make. Plus, the best part is that ukuleles (the boring kind, who’s pictures are not shown here) are really affordable.

But who knows. Maybe I’ll work up to playing good enough for a cute little apple of my own? A girl can dream can’t she?