I Heart Robots!

We finally finished Mr. and Mrs. Robot and I think they are adorable. The kids and I had a blast picking out their body parts. For the base we used tins we found at a thrift store. For putting most of it together we used E-6000 glue, which is really smelly but easy for kids to work with.

Mrs. Robot is Little Missy’s creation. She is all dressed up with a tart tin crown, mouth from the top of a broken alarm clock (this we got from IKEA and it popped it’s spring). and hair coils (also from the broken IKEA clock). For the nose we used an “A” key from an old typewriter. For her eyes we used the bells from the broken clock and these cute wheel scrapbook embellishments from Oriental Trading Company for her eyes. Mr. Robot is robust with his large stomach and fork hands. He has compass eyes which I was thrilled to find at Goodwill. He also has lincoln log legs, a domino mouth, bottle cap nose and altoid tin feet.

These junk robots are super fun to make and bring a smile to my face when I see them.

  • Use masking tape to hold things in place while the glue dries
  • Keep your eyes open for your junk (read: treasures) at garage sales and estate sales to save money.
  • Make your robot function as a clock, bank, or light
  • Use parts that are nostalgic and easily recognizable
  • Use E-6000 glue…the best glue ever!
  • Have fun and play